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OP, go here and read this guy's post then scroll to the end to read mine and then make up your own damn mind on what is canon and what isn't.
Thanks. And I think your notes on that final post in that thread are really well thought out. Its a bit off topic from the real question at hand here. I am not really interested in debating the impact of the announcement, or the merits of canonicity, but I think you outlined things well. I just have one thing I disagree with and that is in regards to what you describe as a lack of any real change.

Right now, if I'm a teenager and want to get sucked into the Halo franchise, in 2014, I can pick up books and video games. All those books and video games have a small page leading me to read stuff in a timeline fashion, and all of those books and video games were created by a central "story group." The books sometimes contradict the games in terms of small details (which they've actually edited out mostly and rereleased-- which LFL never did during the G/T/F canon era, pre-Friday, just as a side note ). But overall, the books really help create a dynamic experience with the games. They are clearly part of a team of people taking responsibility for the comprehensive fiction that is getting out there. It works completely different than Lucasfilm media from the last 20 years or so. Night and day. Its completely collaborative and strategic. Blizzard handles their transmedia stuff the same way.

Star Wars multimedia was really started in a void where it was questionable we'd have any more movies. So in 2014, I completely understand their desire to start fresh and start following the organizational trends set by these other large franchises. Plus, it just kind of shows a total hands on approach to handling the franchise they license out. I think its more responsible. Frankly, Bungie and Blizzard and these other smaller entities actually handle their transmedia efforts with way more organization than Lucasfilm has in the past.

So to me, yes, things are changing. Not for those who are worried their Legends books are somehow going extinct or something. Stuff is the same for them, which is great. And that I think you word very well, and I agree with. But for those of us who want to leap into Star Wars fiction in 2014 and have a comprehensive experience that works in tandem with new TV shows, video games, and multimedia without seeming like its created by like 800 creators-- then yes, stuff is changing. For the better. I've wanted that for eons, rather than worrying about G-Canon, T-Canon, blah blah blah. Not everyone worries about that crap, I know. You outlined that well. But I don't want to have to worry about it either. At the same time, I also would LOVE to jump into a timeline of fictional multi-media that is done with full attention to detail for once, at Lucasfilm. And thats what I'm getting.

This is what brought me to wondering SPECIFICALLY about SWTOR in the first place. To have this game actually be touched and overseen by the LFL Story Group would be a great thing.

The fact that the Story Group started getting credited in 2014 as being on SWTOR makes me think that may be the case now. Why would that Story Group be credited on something that isn't part of their new initiative? It makes me think that SWTOR may indeed be part of that non-Legends initiative.

But again, its all assumptions and investigative research at this point. Until we get an actual statement.

No joke though, when asked point blank about whether SWTOR is canon now that KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2 is Legends, the reply was "Can't comment on that right now." That Jennifer Heddle twitter account has loads of information from Friday, straight from the horses mouth. For people who want real facts about the direction of all of those, rather than the speculation I see in a lot of threads, I think that is a great resource.