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Bane and Plaguies are canon because they were created by Lucas as background for the movies. SWTOR does not have any such distinction.
That distinction hasn't factored into anything else since Friday. The only things being confirmed as canon and not Legends are the 6 movies, TCW, a Darth Maul comic, and anything new that comes out in SW media. Things with the story group credited (of which SWTOR has that distinction these days, strangely enough).

If only things that had George's touch on it were canon, then none of these new books coming out would be canon. Its not the magical George Lucas touch that is segregating things. Its whether the piece of media (not the characters or events therein) were worked on by the story group, or the movies, or TCW. That is where the line is being drawn. And what's weird, is that SWTOR meets those requirements, per those 4 points I made above. You mentioned Bane. Great example. Even though it has a George Lucas creation in it, and the events have been referenced in TCW, the book was not created by the story group nor by George, so it is Legends. This is confirmed. Do a twitter search for Jennifer Heddle and you'll find a comprehensive dialogue on the subject from a senior LFL employee.

I have yet to see any real firm arguments that show that SWTOR is Legends and not part of the new canon. If you look at my original post, do you find evidence anywhere that counters those 4 points I made?