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Please list your builds in the post. The dulfy builder, while nice, is transient. At some point, the URL won't resolve to the same thing for Reasons.
My English is not good, but tomorrow I will even try to take my build in English words. Without understandability warranty.

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Your type 3 scout build: Laser / Ion/ Tensor / Interdiction / Repair. Clearly able to be good support at a node and to get people there quickly- even bombers!
Key point is the rapidity. I am by the combination of tensor and Interdiction first on the satellite. After that, mostly circles, repair drone and when ready tensor, Interdiction and Lingering. We also recommend laser. Ion is almost never used.

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Your boy bomber build: Heavy / Seismic / Interdiction / Overcharged / Shield Power Converter. I think mostly covered earlier in the guide, and a very solid bomber versus things that aren't other boy bombers (you'd probably want charged plating for that).
Since I am unsure. Currently developing Charged Plating and will try it.

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Your strat looks solid, and it talks about something at a level the rest of the guide doesn't really address- what's in your hangar, and which ship do you play when?
Razorwire and Bloodmark I only use in Domination. Hard in the hangar are still Mangler (Slug, Ion) for Domination and TDM. For TDM Blackbolt (lasers, pods, targeting or EMP (I can not decide) and S/E Converter. Fifth place is variable and pre-reserved for a stealth ship.

In general, I tend to look at ships as tools that are specialized for a task.
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