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04.26.2014 , 05:06 PM | #182
Please list your builds in the post. The dulfy builder, while nice, is transient. At some point, the URL won't resolve to the same thing for Reasons.

Your type 3 scout build: Laser / Ion/ Tensor / Interdiction / Repair. Clearly able to be good support at a node and to get people there quickly- even bombers!

Your boy bomber build: Heavy / Seismic / Interdiction / Overcharged / Shield Power Converter. I think mostly covered earlier in the guide, and a very solid bomber versus things that aren't other boy bombers (you'd probably want charged plating for that).

Your strat looks solid, and it talks about something at a level the rest of the guide doesn't really address- what's in your hangar, and which ship do you play when?