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I always post my feed back on new patches, but you guys know here we go.....
I am very disappointed that I haven't had any update at all about my class story (it's my favorite part of the game) aside from this little nugget....if this means you're bringing more class story that would be awesome...if not it just means you're being a jerk. This ambiguity is the only reason this patch is not perfect....
Yeah, while I do not expect a full class storyline, I think there is other ways they could go about doing it. Perhaps certain characters from the class stories make appearances in a faction arc, with special interactions for the corresponding class.

Maybe even short, post- Tython/Korriban style conversations with one of them, during or after the questline. Ideally, with dialogue from a relevant companion character. (eg. Tai and Zenith).

Personally, I'm dying for something. That letter was such a tease.