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New week, new prompt!

Week of 4/25/2014
Bushido - The seven classic Western virtues--see this week’s NotLP--are very individual-oriented. By contrast, the Bushido code stresses community and interaction: Rectitude (gi, righteousness or justice), Courage (yuu), Benevolence (jin), Respect (rei), Honesty (makoto), Honor (meiyo), and Loyalty (chuugi). Write about the presence or absence of bushido virtues in your characters' lives. Thank you, BrightEphemera, for this prompt idea.

And, as ever,

Night of the Living Prompt: Keep on using any prompt you like! Check out the list at (yes, we’re up to two full posts!).

This week's featured NotLP:
Seven Virtues - Last week we looked at the seven deadly sins. But we’re not all sinners here. We all have our virtuous sides too, and many of our characters take one or more of the traditional "seven virtues" to heart: wisdom, justice, restraint, courage, faith, hope, and charity. Write about a time in which your characters embraced one or more of these virtues and how it affected them.