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I wanted to roll an "old man" appearing Jedi, kind of like Obi-wan as portrayed by Alec Guinness, and I created a backstory that would explain why a grey haired old guy would be a Padawan undergoing the trials, and also why he was killing Flesh Raiders on Tython at level 2 with a Cartel Market Lightsaber I unlocked and replicated out of the Collections.

Zheviar's story begins 30 years before the sacking of Coruscant, while he and his master are returning from a Jedi diplomatic mission in the Outer Rim. A freak accident with the navigation system causes their ship to crash on an uncharted, and barely hospitable moon, far from the trade lanes. Zheviar's master is severly injured, and dies not long after, leaving the young Padawan to fend for himself. He survives, learns to feed himself from the local flora and fauna, while still doing his Jedi exercises as best he can. He practices combat forms using his master's lightsaber, and learns to defend himself from predatory creatures with the Force.

As years pass by, he senses a growing darkness in the Force, but has no idea that the Sith Empire has returned, about the war, or anything else. It is thirty years later, while meditating, he finally makes contact through the Force with a Jedi passing nearby, and is rescued at long last. He is debriefed, evaluated, re-educated and finally sent on to Tython to pick up his training where he left off. Even though he is physically older than many of his teachers and all of his peers, he knows he still has much to learn. Surprisingly, he is even allowed to keep his Master's old lightsaber, since it has ironically been his for even longer than it was his master's. He knows he will constuct his own lightsaber eventually, as part of his final trial, but he still keeps his master's old lightsaber in remembrance.