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Slightly silly type three strike builds, focused on single purpose builds for maximizing the frustration of others.
Not really competitive, but not meant to be. Unless the point is to maximize the number of people targeting you in the next match.

Minelayer killer type 3 strike.
Light Laser Cannon: crit and hull damage
EMP: ammo and engine suppression, Thermite with firing arc and debuff duration is also strong (any of the other secondaries are ok)
Shield power converter: shield power pool
Repair probes: Improved repair and Shield restoration
Charged plating: Weapon power shunt
Large Reactor
Deflection armor
Lockdown, structural support, efficient fire.
An important note on usage: Against a minelayer running charged plating the light laser cannon will do almost no damage while plating is active. The thing to do is take down their shields and then hang back a bit so you have at least a chance to avoid mines while watching the buffs on their ship using your target display window. When the charged plating wears off that's your signal to boost in and try to burst down their hull in 11 seconds or less. If you have thermite torpedoes though, you can get around this because the debuff from a thermite hit will completely negate charged plating for the duration of the debuff.

Stunlock type 3 strike, amuse yourself by driving other people nuts with frustration.
Light Laser Cannon: Crit and Shield damage
Ion missile: range and engine Ionization or EMP missile with range and engine suppression.
Interdiction Drive: increased duration
Remote slicing: engine power reduction and Engine suppression
directional shield
communication sensors
Large reactor
Lightweight armor
Frequency capacitor
Crew Lockdown, same as standard build for passives.
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