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Frankly speaking, I see no difference between PvE and RP servers in the game.
To be honest, when I first started playing SWTOR, I was a COMPLETE noob, and picked the first server that appeared on the selection screen (the ebon hawk).

I do not RP myself, but there is NO WAY I am transferring 16 characters to Jung Ma or the Covenent. (16 x 1800 is 28800 CC, or ~$240)

While I am on the subject of servers, why's there none in oceania?

Names.....ya know what, Han Solo is not blocked ingame. Watch this: Hn Slo.
I actually seen a person with the name Rvan, wearing the full getup and spouting some nonsense atop the VIP lounge.
So, no, even basic names are not policed.

Also, and yes I now know that RP servers don't have special rules ya-da-ya-da-ya, but, you should really come on Ebon Hawk's early hours pub fleetchat.
IN the eternal works of Obi-Wan Kenobi: "You will never find a more reched hive of scum and vallainy".

Anything from mockery, to outright threats, bullying, abuse, political propaganda on how great the US is, I could go on for pages. Not to mention the thrice-blasted gold spammers who I have /ignored at least 500 of.

RP on the Hawk is, at least quality RP, only conducted on personal starships within small guilds, or on custom channels.

I cannot express how much nonsense there is in cantinas, making it virtually impossible to get rested XP for the sake of my sanity.
Anything from how they are gonna kill the Sith Emperor, to how they are dating general Garza and Satele Shan, to ****, to I hesitate to post what, lest young impressionable minds read this comment.

Greater policing needs to happen, or people need unlimited -- and free -- character transfers, whichever is easier for BioWare to do. Frankly, the free transfers would hurt them less than paying staff to moderate, and then fees to take the mods to the shrink.

And on the subject of policing, WHY, oh WHY do you make the Dancer, Reveler, Relaxed, Extrovert and such gear?
If I see another female Sith pureblood shaking a near-naked thong-wearing rear at the GTN mailbox on the fleet, I'm gonna have to treat this game to a specail dose of SHIFT+DELETE and Control Panel Programs Uninstall A program Star Wars: The Old Republic &action: Uninstall.

I believe I have spoken enough, but you are welcome to debate me. I will win, anyway.
Eternal Q, definitely in the wrong franchise.
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