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One of the main arguments I keep seeing by the people who only want wins to count is basically, 'screw the bads/casuals/anyone-not-me because it's all about competition'. If that's what Ranked is in your view, that's fine, I get it.

Then I propose this: there should be no Ranked daily/weekly at all, and the Ranked matches should reward no comms. After all, it's supposed to be only about COMPETITION, right? The only reward should be your increased rating. Get rid of any comm rewards whatsoever and you can be more guaranteed that 'bads/casuals' won't be mucking up your Ranked matches. Then all that will be left are those who truly want competition.

Otherwise it's more than a little cognitive dissonance to try and discourage some players out of Ranked by making it difficult for them to earn anything, while at the same time saying you want to incentivize more players to join Ranked. Either way, if your primary concern is about making Ranked a competitive environment, then make it only about competition (receiving rating only) and not comm rewards.
And this IS the point. Comms are a waste of time for player that are appropriately "ready" to Que for ranked. Another issue is the fact that PvP consumables are better to obtain via regs. That needs to change ASAP....
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