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No, it's about playing a game for whatever reason you want.

A "real server" what exactly is that? O_o. I wasn't aware any server wasn't real.

And, exactly how would I afford to transfer 16 toon's to another server? One transfer is already expensive. Not everyone has alot of money. And, i'll bet you'll try to find something to insult in that too.

Removing the PVE use of PVP relics wont do any good for the game as a whole since a very large amount of people use the PVP relics in PVE because the Brutalizer is second best in slot out of the entire game.

Have a good one man. I am done talking to people with your attitude on here. Gaming doesn't need it.
Look. I don't subscribe to PvP vets insulting those who want to get into the game and have a different opinion so I support you from that standpoint.

Otherwise I largely disagree with you though. Having any gear obtained through PvP be a good idea to get for PvE is a problem because the current setup of regular warzones encourages casual gear farming and playing with folks doing that is not fun for PvP vets. PvP relics should not be a good option for PvE. Making them not work in raids/FP's may not be the way to do it, but some easily available PvE relics should be better for PvE. It would be miserable for PUG op groups to have to put up with casual PvP focused players farming gear for PvP purposes, and the reverse is also true.

As for playing ranked any way you want, it's fine if that is what you want to do but be aware that many of us play the game mode purely for competition and will be less than understanding if other players are not bringing the same level of effort. This is the one part of PvP in this game that even somewhat caters to those of us that want competition in PvP, so ver PvP players will not be understanding if you come into the game mode with less than max effort. Regular warzones and arenas are available if you want to obtain PvP gear while playing more casually.