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Nothing wrong with elitism. You made a stupid comment, so you got called out for it. Don't be mad.
Nothing I said was stupid. You just keep proving my point with more comments like this man. People don't want these kind of rude attitudes in games. People didn't used to act like this towards eachother in gaming. And, it's not your job to set online "calling people out". There was nothing to be "called out" on in the first place. Yet again, your attitude problem again. You can be competitive, but being rude, elitist, and condescending, no. Not qualities of a good player man.

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No, it's about winning. And if ranked never popped on your server, then you ARE a casual for not xferring to a real server.
No, it's about playing a game for whatever reason you want.

A "real server" what exactly is that? O_o. I wasn't aware any server wasn't real.

And, exactly how would I afford to transfer 16 toon's to another server? One transfer is already expensive. Not everyone has alot of money. And, i'll bet you'll try to find something to insult in that too.

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Why? PvE gear shouldn't be in PvP, and PvP gear shouldn't be in PvE. You keep basing your support/opposition for proposed game decisions on how it will affect you and your friends, not whether or not it will be good for the game as a whole.
Removing the PVE use of PVP relics wont do any good for the game as a whole since a very large amount of people use the PVP relics in PVE because the Brutalizer is second best in slot out of the entire game.

Have a good one man. I am done talking to people with your attitude on here. Gaming doesn't need it.