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But I'm at the point where I'm curious as to how I would fair in ranked, and if more competition would actually help me improve more. If you guys could have it your way, would you think someone like myself would be better off in solo queue or group queue. Granted the group queue would probably be people with similar skill sets as mine.
I think either of the ranked queues would be fine for you to try out as long as you go in with a recognition that this is a no holds barred competitive environment and you may very well get your but kicked hard at first. If you go in with that recognition and have the gear you state you do you will be welcomed by the majority of veteran PvPers. The overwhelming majority of vets only complain about those that come in with gear that doesn't even bolster well, a lack of augments, and no stims. If you are geared well enough to have a chance with skilled play (and you are), then you do belong in ranked as long as you keep trying to get better.