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Just take your time, we know you devs are working so hard to develop new amazing content in 9-weeks-cycle. It doesn't matter if in the beginnig the release cycle was supposed to be a 6-weeks-cycle and then shifted in 8-weeks-cycle. It also doesn't matter if you've been squeezing same content in two or three updates (As you already did with gsf as well as the next stronghold)

The matter is you're keep working on cartel market shop.
wow...passive aggressive much.

There is the community team in charge of the website, cantina events, customer outreach, and the forums.
There is the dev team working on combat/balancing/new content
then there is the art team, which develops new CM items (drawings basically).

All 3 of those are separate, but sure, backhand the community team for what they have no control over.

People can only work as fast as they can on what they are tasked with doing. Everyone wants everything yesterday for free. If you think it so easy to do their job, by all means, apply and tell them what they are doing is simple and they are doing it wrong. Or you know, keep it to yourself and stop throwing drinks in their face everytime we get some feedback on actual posts. No wonder nobody wants to respond, I could never do their job..These forums would be a wasteland after I go nuclear on people bashing with out reason.