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Not every portion of the game has to be directed at EVERYONE. I agree that PvP should be for everyone, but that doesn't mean you can't target ranked PvP at the more hardcore PvP player base. Just like Operations are for everyone, but NiM Operations are targeted at the more hardcore PvE player base.

Ranked warzones aren't for the "poor" casuals to gain something. If you're losing all the time, improve or play the casual game type. You are making the decision to play a game mode that is meant to reflect how skilled players are and calling to make it more accessible to less skilled players. It goes against the very fundamental of having a rank in the first place.
Main problem is huge cross-faction imbalance on most servers whats ruined solo ranked. This still dont fixed and makes problem "poor became more poorer" much worse. Only cross-faction solo ranked can solve this problem, but BW dont care about it.

So this decision leads just to one-sided one-faction servers, where players other faction will reroll or quit game (hello wildstar and teso).