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04.22.2014 , 10:30 AM | #135
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You still dont learn how design MMO balance since failed Ilum. You dont listen players opinions.

Your major game design paradigm "Rich must became richer, poor must became poorer" will fail once again, cuz quantity of rich *so-called elite hardcore* ones much less than quantity of *casual* poors, and poors will abandon playing game with such approach. No one will playing game where they losing all time (and pay money for it). No fun. Especially without any kind working elo matchmaking and cross-server players pool. So rich ones finally get zero game cuz infinite queue time. Hello to step on the rake again.
Tony I really don't think this makes much of a difference to the top end PvPers. The best on my server are already full brutalizer and will be min maxed in a matter of a week or two. The quests will not make them any richer really (except by allowing them to gear out an alt or two with legacy gear). And I really believe making them count for participation would be very bad for the quality of the experience of most players, particularly on the less powerful faction. Making the quest count for losses could be considered in the group queue though. That would make sense.