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I wish there were more sadistic options where she's concerned, or that we could fully turn her Sith, and not the wishy washy piece of trash she is. It also depressed me, that my male SI only had her to choose from for romance. Secretly he hates her guts lol.
Guess what? That's the case of every one of the 8 female Protagonists. And you don't get any flirts going for half of them either.

Ashara might be a hard character, but at least she is a Torguta. Quinn or Iresso don't even have a cool species going for them. So far for me female SW is probably the worst class to play companions wise. If anyone needs a new companion, it's an unfortunate SW female that is offered a tantalizing perspective of sexually harassing Quinn in a brain dead way (You like me! No I don't! You like me! No, I don't... and like that 50 times)

What I would like to see is a universal male companion for female PCs (at least; SGR would be great' and male equivalent is good to have, but really, there is so much going for males already compared to the females...) with multiple different species overlays addable on the Fleet that will add a whirlwind crazy adventure-romance kind of experience throughout most planets. It might be a bit cheesy, but that's what this game really miss with its selection of too much like RL romantic sims-marry-talk about kids arcs with human male companions (well, you also can get dumped a couple of times too, hurray!). let it be about his story and personality for once, and FUN. And no marriage, just, you know, adventure & a few hot interludes.