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Half and half is fine or even full Obroan tbh. As long as someone is wearing full PvP gear, augmented and has a set bonus, shouldn't be an issue. THe difference isn't game-breaking (Obroan to Brutalizer).

I'm above average but nothing special. I understand strategy and (most) abils, but I don't get the most out of my toon(s), pre-press the right things, have enough binds and honed muscle memory. point is, I know what I don't know. a lot of ppl seem unwilling to acknowledge this.

in any case, someone who has real mastery of his class (and mine) will overcome one or even two tiers of pvp gear. I'm 100% confident that someone who knows both his class and the class of his opponent can, wearing min/max'd conq, wipe the floor with someone in full brutalizer. I think that people who claim otherwise really are living in a state denial. but most ppl do not know how to milk everything out of their class or exactly how to react to every other class or have the muscle memory to pre-press the right binds. only when both opponents have all of that does class balance dictate outcome. just band-aids these factors (pyro PT is one such band-aid, smash has been one -- mando heals is the opposite and exposes such players, etc.).

speaking strictly about pvp tiers, the gear gap has been relatively insignificant for about a year or so (at least since partisan). being min/max'd has actually been more significant than the tier itself (because default stats are that bad? ).
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