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Sweet, the 5-10 people left in the game who take pvp seriously and queue ranked "to win" should be pleased. And for potential other hundreds who may have had an incentive to queue ranked to get their teeth knocked in in hopes of getting at least something to show for have none.

It really would be nice if you guys would take a day and really brainstorm on what direction you want "PVP" to go in this game.

You "only want people to queue ranked with the intention of winning" but yet you have Bolster in Ranked Arenas, just in case "somebody serious about ranked" just happened to forget to queue with PVP gear? Or just to hold the hands of new people just trying it out so don't get their teeth knocked in and have a "bad experience" ? But when they lose and get no credit towards the ranked weekly, no hand holding then and only the best of the best need apply?

It should also go without saying that making these ranked missions advance through "Wins Only" will no doubt encourage queue syncing and win trading, vs if it was just "matches played" you'd actually have people willing to queue ranked and get their teeth knocked in if it meant they'd at least get Something out if it.

I somewhat could understand making a Group Ranked daily/weekly mission require wins only to advance (since there are very few "teams" queuing for ranked under the "Group" queue), but Yolo Queue as well? With the virtual lack of any discernable matchmaking? "sorry, even though your whole team is 1500 or below, you're facing off against a premade team of 2400 because, well, there's nobody else, so sucks for you that you'll get no progress towards this mission, But!...But!...Keep queueing ranked, because your "Only" incentive should be to queue ranked because you like queuing ranked!"

Yeah that philosophy is what has killed ranked in this game. It doesn't just punish those being farmed either, but those farming, since when people stop queuing, the top players doing the farming have no one to play against either, so then everyone who wants to even try ranked gets the joy of sitting in queue for hours on end for a pop that will never come and completely wasting their time. Then it's back to pugstomping regs.

To be clear, chances are high that even with "matches played" there still would be long waits for ranked vs regular matches, but it would no doubt be significantly higher.

I know many applauded you for this decision Alex, and in principle I agree with you as well, but the reality is that there are Very few people left in the game who care about ranked pvp to begin with, so really, it's not a choice of:

"Games with skilled players vs other skilled players -Or- games with skilled players vs mix of skilled/unskilled players trying to farm comms"

but simply:

"Games with a mix of skilled/unskilled players vs skilled/unskilled players trying to farm comms -Or- NO games at all."

In that case, it would obviously be better to have Some games pop, with people there to farm comms or not, than just being forced to troll /2 begging people to queue group/solo every time you want a pop.

For the few remaining players who spend hours trying to get others to queue or schedule to play other teams they know, this doesn't really affect them, since they queue ranked because they enjoy ranked. Eventually though, when those people tire of the effort involved in organizing for hours for 40mins of ranked matches and when nobody new wants to queue ranked knowing that they're going to lose and get nothing out of it by way of mission rewards or match comms, then ranked arenas will be completely dead.

So as I said at the beginning, you and your team should really sit down and brainstorm what direction you want pvp to go in this game with the remaining PVP population, being mindful of New players joining the game. Do you want to encourage people to participate in ranked and increase the ranked population as a whole or just cater to the last 5-10 remaining people who are Die Hard SWTOR Ranked PVPers?

The choice is yours and yours alone.

Ranked isn't for casuals.