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04.22.2014 , 05:00 AM | #115
My few cents as that "Dreaded PVE-er, who started playing PvP". Yes, I farmed regular WZs for the dailies/weeklies ranked comms and then farmed level 40 Valor, so I could trade regular for ranked to get the ranked relics. I learned a lot in WZs and about PvP, and managed even to buy myself few pieces of, now obsolete regular 55 gear (can't remember the name, but it was former regular comms gear).

Never though I joined ranked, because it would be wrong IMO - didn't have enough gear and experience to compete with fully geared people, and by this I knew, I'd cause my team to loose the fight, so it would not be right with me. (Yes, some of us, PVE-ers have conscience :P). But as a " very casual PvP-er", I like the change of "only wins count in ranked" - it will force people to stop running like headless chickens and worry only about medals, but will actually might enforce team spirit and working together - thing that you barely see in regular WZ. Seriously, sometimes I was, even in my crap gear and with low pvp experience, doing more towards achieving victory, than guys from PvP guilds in PvP gear.