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This is understandable and will happen to many players, even me no doubt =/

However we feel that having wins be the only criteria is a better way to go instead of making them games played. This is because of the incentive to play the gamemode for the right reasons (to win) is much lower for someone who is just interested in completing the daily/weekly. A percentage of the Ranked population would be queuing just to complete a quest and that would be detrimental to the team. We feel Games Played with an incentive (Double counts for Wins) is more acceptable in Unranked games because of the larger team size (less personal impact on if your team wins or loses) and more casual atmosphere.

This is our current philosophy on the choice we made but if it isn't working out we will make adjustments where and when possible.

The number of people will say 'Ooo, I'm going to learn the warzone now and cooperate towards the objective.' is going to be a very low percentage. The majority will just keep 'kill farming' regardless of what you dangle before them. Or worse maybe they'll just stop queuing; with PvP obviously being BWs main focus I doubt thats the outcome you intend though it would be interesting to see.
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