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04.22.2014 , 04:16 AM | #112
This is ... unexpected.

IMO, it will probably cause a slight increase in the quality of play and certainly a decrease in the quantity of players. Considering that queue times, especially on unbalanced servers like mine, are already long this will exacerbate the problem. Without a queue improvement, looking out towards summer doldrums, TESO and Wildstar, then doing things like this which reduce pvp participation and increase queues seems like an odd business decision.

It will also have a small reduction in unranked 55 participation - I can't be unique. After we leveled a number of toons with WZ, a friend convinced me we needed to try 55 PvP and we just started the process of getting gear. To me this is a big neon sign that I don't want to do ranked at least on my server. So if I am not going to do ranked, why do the long and death-filled process of getting gear in unranked?

Thanks for letting us know in advance; since I no longer need ranked comms, my alts can go back to converting warzone comms eventually into credits.