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I don't really have a dog in this fight, but I just wanted to agree about Ashara. I don't think my SI has even done the first of her personal missions. That's because shes so lame I don't bother to try and get affection with her.

The entire reason she joins the SI is weak, and then she spends the rest of the times saying stupid crap like "Don't make me against my teachings."....huh? What? You already have gone against them. Why bother saying that when you'll join me in killing republic troops? Its sad because there could have been a larger and more convincing reason for her to join the SI.
Oh, exactly. She is also a nuisance to get to know. I think she's one of the most expensive companions to affection up. It seems to me she's cost at least double of everyone else. And what I dislike about the story with her, is that no matter what you want to do, she seems to always get her way the way the story is written. My dark side SI was a complete bish to her, and never let her do what she wanted, as much as possible, and so I was always buying out negatives. My lightside male romanced her, but didn't marry her, but she pretty much ran amok all over him with her stupid missions in her companion story.

I wish there were more sadistic options where she's concerned, or that we could fully turn her Sith, and not the wishy washy piece of trash she is. It also depressed me, that my male SI only had her to choose from for romance. Secretly he hates her guts lol.