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here last version
Version of my jedi consular codex [752/963] 27.03.2014

now i have 759/977

be add new entries
(pvp - Quesh Huttball Pit: Used Magnetic Grapple

lore -
Taking the Sith Academy (Republic)
The Empire on Tython (Republic)
Korriban's Dark Draw (Republic)

persones of note -
Colonel Darok (Republic)
Theron Shan (Republic)

titles -
Conquerer of the Dread Fortress,,,,, [DF with Nim power]
Gate Crasher,,,,, [DF timed run]
Deposer of the Dread Masters,,,,, [DP with Nim power]
Dread Master,,,,, [DP timed run]
Hotshot,,,,, [Cartel pack]
Galactic Warden,,,,, [Cartel pack]
Gatekeeper,,,,, [Cartel pack] )

i open
1- space jockey title
2- lore -Taking the Sith Academy (Republic)
3- The Empire on Tython (Republic)
4- Korriban's Dark Draw (Republic)
5- pvp - Quesh Huttball Pit: Used Magnetic Grapple
6- persones of note -Colonel Darok (Republic)
7- Theron Shan (Republic)