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Sorry Alex but I really think you're missing the forest through the trees here.

When setting any reward you must think of the behaviour you are incentivising. A warzone comm based reward based on wins will work for those who want warzone comms.

As a ranked PvP player the last thing I need or want is more ranked or normal warzone comms - if I'm stepping into ranked without full min/max brutaliser then I am not taking ranked or my rating seriously.

Comms have no meaning to me - they are only useful for the player gearing up (excepting medpacs of course).

So we need to assess the thing I value most as a ranked player - and that is - more rating.

A PVE player has no value for rating so is not incentivised to do a daily that rewards it. Conversely it will promote people who have high rating to keep playing to continue to escalate in score when the competition might only yield marginal increases.

"But we can't reward more rating based on a daily - it will only inflate the maximum possible ratings" - then boundary test the system to see how decay will work at high rating although I suspect the current MMR regime should work largely intact (unless a player never ever loses and then I'd be asking questions).

But how much should we set the values at?

Well low - for daily +10 rating and +20 for weekly but feel free to adjust based on testing.

I love ranked - and want more participation of serious competitors in s2 - a daily and weekly that has an appropriate incentive will do that - but it must be closely linked to the objective ranked pvp'rs desire.
If you knew how Elo works, you would know why you can't give rating as a reward for dailies......Like seriously?

Feeling bad for the devs right now. They do something right for once.......and while the people who know what's up thank them for it, all these clueless bads come out of the woodwork and complain.

And to those saying that your performance in the match should influence your rating gains/losses: no. A win is a win, a loss is a loss-period. That is how all competitive games operate. Just because such a system would personally benefit me and other good players doesn't mean it's a good idea for the health of the game. It also would be very difficult to determine how in-game performance affected rating change, considering that you have to balance damage, protection, heals, AND class differences (you don't give a sorc more rating every time just because he had the common sense to bubble his teammates). And what about CC? If you don't get rating from using CC, you might as well tunnel PvE dps to get as much rating as possible. Unless you want players farming stats, win/loss HAS to be the only determinant.