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I'm lucky to get 3 matches a day let alone 3 wins.

Just yesterday I was in an ops group for ranked PVP and we only got 3 matches in before the queue stopped popping. I got 2 wins and 1 loss. Some days I can't get a ranked queue pop at all despite a few of us calling out in PVP chat on fleet, and I play on the bigger faction side.

If an average solo ranked pvper has a 50% win ratio, then he will need ~6 ranked pvp matches per day to have 3 wins. That's an awful lot to ask from a pve server, especially on the more quieter days of the week, and I have to feel sorry for the Pubs - almost all of the ranked matches I play are Imp vs Imp.

Is it possible to have different numbers required per server, so servers where people are carrying these new ranked dailies over half a week can have lower requirements? I understand if this is not technically possible though.
That's unfortunate that ranked queues don't pop consistently. However with a daily this gives more of an incentive to do ranked thus increasing pops and chances to win.

As for average players who only win 50% of their matches. They have to work harder end of story. It wouldn't be a reward if it was not worked for. They might as well just send people 100 ranked comms in the mail everyday if that was the case.

As for pubs. Screw em that's what the get for fighting the dark side.
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