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The upcoming (in 2.7.1) Ranked Missions only progress from wins. They are completed with 3 wins for the daily and 9 for the weekly. We will see how those amounts work in the wild and adjust accordingly.

I'm lucky to get 3 matches a day let alone 3 wins.

Just yesterday I was in an ops group for ranked PVP and we only got 3 matches in before the queue stopped popping. I got 2 wins and 1 loss. Some days I can't get a ranked queue pop at all despite a few of us calling out in PVP chat on fleet, and I play on the bigger faction side.

If an average solo ranked pvper has a 50% win ratio, then he will need ~6 ranked pvp matches per day to have 3 wins. That's an awful lot to ask from a pve server, especially on the more quieter days of the week, and I have to feel sorry for the Pubs - almost all of the ranked matches I play are Imp vs Imp.

Is it possible to have different numbers required per server, so servers where people are carrying these new ranked dailies over half a week can have lower requirements? I understand if this is not technically possible though.
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