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04.21.2014 , 07:39 PM | #136
Its been stated several million times before, but Im going to say it again because you guys apparently aren't getting it. Without a valor/gear requirement for Ranked, the people who put in the effort get screwed over by people without gear or a clue as to how to play. No, really. Encouraging people to do ranked is all well and good, except that nothing else had changed. All this means is that the Yolo queue will have even more terribad players in it with their PVE gear. I don't suck by any means, but my solo rank was crap because of ungeared clueless players with 26k HP and no idea how to play their class. But who cares, right? /sigh... You can't possibly understand how irritated I have to be in order to post on the forums about something. I love this game, I really do, but lately I've been face-palming so hard I broke my nose. Please don't make me so fed up that I unsub.