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Please Please Please make them wins only count, and you need 4 or even 6 a day.

We do not want Ranked filled with the PvE'ers in there PvE gear just taking up space to get the relics they want. It's bad enough there in regs getting killed from behind by sorcs doing there keyboard turning wondering where the dmg is coming from.

Please make it so you have to win to get credit.
I was around during release when games only counted wins.

Know what happened? If the team was not optimal and started off winning, half the people gave up while a good majority just abandoned the game assuring the loss.

With a team of 4v4 we will end up with one team recognizing a couple of good players and abandoning the game. Maybe 1 or 2 people will stick around, but that will guarantee a loss before the game even starts.

Keep it like normal warzones where loses count for half the total of a win. We do not have the population for ranked PvP to cater only for winners.