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Your comment is exactly what I was talking about, that insulting elitist attitude. First you insult me, then you discount anything I've said just because you don't agree with it by saying I am "casual", which I am not. People with your attitude is what is ruining the fun of this game and PVP. Your little "club", which it is not. You can have a playstyle and legitimate opinion, but don't insult people and act like a child about it all shoving your ego into everything.
Nothing wrong with elitism. You made a stupid comment, so you got called out for it. Don't be mad.

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Ranked is about whatever the player want's it to be. Unfortunately too many people seem to think its an ego trip and elitist club. Which it is not. I pay 15 bucks a month for the game, so I can do Ranked if I please, for any reason I please. Yet, the Ranked que never popped in Season 1 on my server, leaving my toon qued at prime time for 3 hrs with no pop, so doesn't much matter anyway.
No, it's about winning. And if ranked never popped on your server, then you ARE a casual for not xferring to a real server.

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So, how do you propose fresh 55's get into a WZ then? You cant have enough comms saved to buy a full set of PVP gear the second you hit 55, so you have to PVP in half PVE gear until you can get more PVP gear. What you are saying would make it impossible to do PVP at 55.
That's what regs are for.... do you play this game?

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NO!!!!! The Berzerker Relics are second best in slot. Most everyone I know in my HM ops has them now. They are essential. I PVP'd all week to save comms before 2.7 hit so I could get the new Relics on many of my HM Ops toons. This is an outrageous idea.
Why? PvE gear shouldn't be in PvP, and PvP gear shouldn't be in PvE. You keep basing your support/opposition for proposed game decisions on how it will affect you and your friends, not whether or not it will be good for the game as a whole.