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12.25.2011 , 05:11 AM | #16
Premades shouldn't compete against PUGs. There should be some brackets at some point soon, but right now there probably aren't enough 40-50 players to make brackets without giving people a long queue time.

University students should work full time during breaks in order to give their parents, Uncle Sam, or HRM The Queen a bit of a financial break.

The story and VO are awesome... I feel sorry for anyone who has skipped it to level "efficiently."

Also... I have no idea how anyone could make 50 between the 13th and now. I ground the heck out of Black Talon and Hammer Station looking for gear drops. I didn't leave Dromund Kaas until level 21, and I just hit 28 the other day. Tatooine took me roughly 16 hours, and I still have heroics I haven't done plus a few world quests.
- I spent $149.95 on a video game with no release date, and all I got was the key to the executive washroom.