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Making 'wins only' to count the Ranked Dailies is good for the game . . .

However it will destroy the illusion for many as to unbeatable they are - to rank a winner there always need to be a loser

. . . so I fore say an upswing for the imbalance threads and a the 'Bads get out of rank' threads . . .and 'oc the nerf this and that threads . . .

Since the rules of losing in PvP is in ranking order;
1) there were 'Bads' in my team
2) we faced a cowardly FOTM team
3) so nerf this
4) or that
5) the classes are imbalanced
6) no cross server queue because all good pvpers on my server, but me, has left the game
7) the devs suck

Quote: Originally Posted by MarsherMeow View Post
The problem with it being wins is that its going to scare off people that are kind of on the borderline of doing it. They might be in all Obroan and somewhat decent at their class and they see the daily and go "oh this requires wins, I'm probably not going to win so I just won't bother"

Have matches played is going to attract a lot more people on the borderline and get them into it in the long term even if it does attract a few more "bads".
Don't agree with you here

Those who want a competitive game should have their own space in the game,

It's all those who never manage to lose with grace, never use self reflection on their own play and who constantly refuse to learn from experience that will shun this