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We? So, your speaking for thousands of people?

Making wins the only way to get this stuff is stupid. You could do 20 games and not get one single win, NO that is not a reflection on YOU as a player, that was the problem with it being wins before. I remember when the weekly PVP required wins and doing 20 games with still and not getting one single win because half the rest of the teams were just kill farming. So, this "win" requirement is nonsense.

Furthermore, I get real sick of this elitist "hardcore" attitude from alot of PVPers. Take your rude, gloating, ego elsewhere.
So tell me, oh wise exalted one, if there was a Que, and ONLY a RANDOM Que to get into DF NiM, and you lost a token of gear for quitting said pug...

And you got someone in level 43 greens.

How would you feel?

Seriously this is one of the stupidest, Short sighted, over personalized and bigoted post i've seen on the forums.
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