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Born to the order fifty-seven galactic standard years ago, Serano Finnigan would love to be retired from the active battlefield, and pursuing a life of quiet contemplation which includes instructing nubile young Padawan maidens in the "mysteries" of the force, and sleeping in late on Sundays.

Unfortunately, the Bloody Sith Empire refuses to be properly defeated, forcing the aging Knight to continue to do his part for the survival of the Republic. Decades spent serving on the front lines alongside the brave troopers of the republic have given him a propensity for colorful language, drinking, and a preference for the company of soldiers. He's known for the unusual trait of wearing full trooper armor with his robes, swearing by the protection it's given him over the years.

His eccentric character traits have prevented his rise in the order, but they may also be a clever ruse designed to prevent getting promoted and separating him from his beloved soldiers, whom he has come to view as the surrogate sons and daughters he'll never be able to have. The loss of many comrades over the years to the Empire's cruelty has hardened his heart, and strengthened his resolve to one day outlive the Sith empire, if only for the sake of his friend's memories.
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