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This thread has inspired me to post for the first time.

I have played for about a year now and enjoyed every bit that I've done. Unfortunately it's been almost exclusively solo play. I have a social anxiety issue that makes it really hard for me to play with other people without stressing out. I'm constantly afraid that I'm going to upset the players I'm grouped with because I'm going to do something wrong. I've heard so many bad things about experienced players not putting up with mistakes from "newbies". I've not been able to do flashpoints or a lot of the heroics for fear of making people mad. Some of the anecdotes here, however, have made me realize that there are some really great, helpful, and patient people out there. Thanks so much for starting this topic.
Oh, I feel you :'D Yay, social anxiety always so fun :') Apart from the advice you already got (and a general "put douchebags on ignore and who cares what they think, they're just a bunch of jerks and strangers" which I know is easier said than done, but still good thing to keep in mind) -- if you have a friend who plays too, queueing with them at first really makes it easier. I've only used GF a few times, and so far I've only gotten Kuat too, but having my friend do it with me was pretty much what gave me the confidence to try it at all.

And you [I]do[I] meet some nice people too, definitely Met a really nice Marauder while on my Sorc heals, funny and outgoing. Our fourth group member dropped after the first pull without a word, and I kind of immediately assumed it was my fault for sucking and asked in group chat if I did something wrong and he was all "Nah, don't worry about it you're fine". ...And I guess reassuring the newbie counts as a random act of kindness too |D

Other than that... While I was on Tython with my Consular, waiting for my friend to come back, I got a random trade invite.. I declined since I didn't know who it was and didn't have anything to trade on me at the time anyway, but then got a whisper that they have some prototype consular gear they don't need and were just gonna sell anyway and that I can have it if I want. Told them I didn't have anything to give back and they said not to worry. Thought that was rather nice