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I had no idea this thread would take off like it did when I made it. Wow some great stories. I generally try to be helpful to people, but sometimes we all fall short.

Last weekend I got a little drunk while starting a new Sith pure blood Jedi Knight. On Tython, I found a wonderfully organized group of people doing an RP event that I decided to crash. Strippin nekkid I danced around their leader, set off firecrackers and holo dancers. I thought to myself in my drunken stupor that I was being funny, but I ruined or at least took away from their event. For that I am sorry. Waking up with a hangover and a memory of what an *** I was made me think ya its nice to help people but also easy to be a real jerk.

Generally though I try to help new players, or explain how a fight boss is taken down, and usually I give low level crafted things to people. Sometimes I will fill my bag with droid parts I made and hand them out on Tython for people to save until they need and can use them. One guy I handed some crafted items to logged in his main and mailed me some stuff he had crafted. So what goes around comes around.
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