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This. Just because a companion doesn't fit in with your character OP, doesn't mean they are poorly written or doesn't fit into other's idea of a companion.
Just for you, I read over my post again to confirm something:
I've never wrote: "She is poorly written." about Ashara. In her own sense, she's great. I could imagine her for my Consular without a second doubt. He'd try to get her to control her emotions, but otherwise it'd be a fine fit. She would do what's necessary. She's by far poor written in itself, just missplaces in terms of class in my opinion.

Now, what I'm also not saying is that my option on what fits the Sith Inquisitor as a companion is the "correct" or "final" one. It was simply an opinion about how I see it personally for my character.

I think many people missinterpret the threads title as: "Should we re-do the companions, in order to fit MY taste." rather than it's actual purpose: "Would people appreciate it to have more choice in how they want their crew to be/what sort of company they keep around?".

The initial idea, posted in the old thread by Sidenti was this, I quote:

YES! One of the things that made Neverwinter Nights such a great game? I could hire ANY companion! I wasn't just stuck with Risha or SCORPIO or Torian or Vette. I could CHOOSE my party. Make my own story.
With that beeing said: If your Inquisitor is lovey-dovey with Ashara, perfect. It doesn't fit my taste, but whatever floats your boat. The basic idea behind this was to imply the following: "Could some of the characters we meet from now on be used as a possible choice for a companion?". Why isn't it possible to recruit some people you meet through the overall galactic story, such as Forged Alliances. HK is a good example. He was obtained via a long Quest chain which story-wise made sense. Treek on the other hand was just recruited out of nothing because they needed something from the Cartel market.

Wasn't this game initially about: "Forge your own destiny in a galaxy far, far away!"?

Why is it that you met so many people in your own story, even now during Makeb (The Sith Pureblood) and Forged Alliances (Lana Beniko) that'd fit so well into many peoples scheme of things which simply aren't recrutiable. That's where progressive storytelling comes in. It's about letting those stories personally affect your character, be it in a positive or negative sense. I simply think that the choices right now (Let's put in Treek as a companion while two companion characters which could be implemented aswell, and would also be bought/achieved stay out of the picture) seem utterly missplaced if so much potential is resting inside the overall galactic story.

Again, because I can't stretch this enough: I'm not saying Ashara is poorly written, neither is any other companion. They have a complete story, a character, they have goals. They're all very well written, just some seem missplaced for "my personal story". It seems a waste that people cannot recruit companion characters from an overall galactic story arc (Makeb, Forged Alliances), but instead have to stick to a simple mercenary contract to get a companion that, at least in my opinion (You're free to disagree), feels missplaced for most of my characters (Except my Bounty Hunter. He'd propably love the little trouble-maker.).

I think this threads question doesn't boil down to the fact if you agree or disagree on some companions in the story, or that I or people think they should be removed. I think it boils down to the question:

"Should Bioware give us more possibility in completing our own crew, thus achieving a crew our characters would get along with?"

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I wouldn't say wasted at all, different ppl like different companions so it's simply a matter of opinion.
This is the perfect summarize. Why not give people the possibility to act based on this opinion? If you see this awesome supporting character that you'd think would fit into your own crew, why not give them the possibility to recruit it?