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I play my Shadow since release and never had a issue with stealth in SWTOR. I have done entire heroic 4 missions without a single fight, since I avoided every mobs there, not go too near to mobs you don't want to fight, staying behind them helps a lot. Use the ability that increases your stealth rating for a few seconds when needed and mezz the mobs which you what to pass close by. Also, as sin, use you speed boost, since the amount of time or how fast you pass a mob while in stealth is also a factor, so don't dally too long near them.
This is good advice. Sometimes just using your speed boost can help you avoid the mob in stealth. If you use mind snap on the character you want to maul or spike, that also usually helps to ensure that the move will come off successfully. But like other have said - stealth is not a guarantee that you will be able to skip mobs.
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