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I am very excited and I'm sure there are tons are to. Don't pay attention to the negative posts that are angry about player housing. I can't wait for it. Nar Shaddaa is my favorite planet in all of Star Wars and for us to get early access with a place given to us on Nar Shaddaa by being a subscriber? It's a dream come true for me. I already "live' on Nar Shaddaa in some places that I pretend are my house. Now, I don't have to pretend! Coruscant, Drommund Kaas, Nar Shaddaa are only the beginning of more places being added later. I can't wait!
actually its possible we may be getting more choices from the start

Next, Wood answered another of the big obvious questions, and that was yes, there would be housing on planets other than Nar Shaddaa, Coruscant, and Dromund Kaas, although he declined to name any names.
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