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12.25.2011 , 04:55 AM | #1
Yo Bioware - congrats on the smooth release and merry christmas.

I love huttball. I want more huttball. I want to be able to form my own team. I want there to be a league system in place. I want more arenas, huttball rewards, huttball titles and a better record of what happened during the game. I want to know goals scored, completed passes, ball carrier kills, ball carrier saves etc etc etc.

I realise none of these things are fast additions, I am just talking about the direction I would love to see it go in. I have no interest in end game raiding or starting other classes but I will carry on paying my sub if huttball is expanded. It will happily take the place of my COD and BF3 playing.

Now I know this post will get flamed by all the peeps who hate huttball but please please just refrane from saying anything. I know this is a hopeless request. If however you do like huttball then lets hear from you.

Anyone else feel like I do and love it?