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04.20.2014 , 05:27 AM | #48
Great post OP, really a nice idea!

I've seen a lot of acts of kindness and I try to help other people as well, but I think that one of the biggest help I've received was back in January last year. I just started playing the game and decided to subscribe, even tho I had never managed to level a character past level 15 in any other MMO. So I rolled my consular and on Tython I met another guy who rolled a consular as well. We did the Heroic together if I recall right, and because we were from the same country we talked a lot. Anyhow, we both went Sage heal and on Coruscant he at some point was looking for people to do a H4. I decided to tag along, but since we were both heals, he told me to "DPS". This puzzled me, because I had never really played any MMO before. Because of this, I had no idea about even the very basics of what tanks do and what a DPS is. This guy explained the very basics of MMOs to me, which is knowledge that I use even today. I haven't seen him for over a year now, but if he ever reads this, thanks Cilja. Thanks to you I learned the best thing about MMOs, which is having other people to have fun with.

And because this thread inspired me I'm going to help newbies on Tython now .