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04.20.2014 , 03:38 AM | #47
I wanted to "report" an act of kindness that thoroughly surprised me. I mean, it is not that I havenīt noticed kind players so far - indeed, there are lots of them - but this one was unexpected:

I came to Hoth in order to do a little digging at an ambient dig site (I love that). And I noticed there was another player there digging already. Well, we passed by each other, greeted each other quickly but that was it. So I started digging and suddenly the message popped up "special treasure found...". Oh well I thought, no big deal, itīs fair competition - gonna head to the next area. At that very moment this other player appeared, requested to trade with me and shared 50 % of the content of his secure grade with me. Awesome experience! (Afterwards, we went together to other dig sites and I also shared my findings with him). And the "crazy" thing about all this is: when these kinda things happen, I mean friendly players and so on - the game gets a whole lot more motivating.