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This thread has inspired me to post for the first time.

I have played for about a year now and enjoyed every bit that I've done. Unfortunately it's been almost exclusively solo play. I have a social anxiety issue that makes it really hard for me to play with other people without stressing out. I'm constantly afraid that I'm going to upset the players I'm grouped with because I'm going to do something wrong. I've heard so many bad things about experienced players not putting up with mistakes from "newbies". I've not been able to do flashpoints or a lot of the heroics for fear of making people mad. Some of the anecdotes here, however, have made me realize that there are some really great, helpful, and patient people out there. Thanks so much for starting this topic.
Rex, there are a few jerks out there who would berate ANYONE, not just YOU - don't EVER let them stress you out! The vast majority of players I've encountered in game are exceptional people who I'd be pleased to help with anything if they asked. We're all playing because we like the game and the biggest part of ANY MMO is always the Community. We have a great one! Don't let the morons in General chat make you feel like that's what you can expect.

My best advice to you - join a flashpoint queue, in particular, one of the new "Tactical" ones. They're easy for any group of 4, and since you've been soloing since you started, I'm certain you'd do just fine in it. Most of the time, people don't say anything...just type "/p my first time here, I'll follow" and someone else will lead the way. I've 2 manned all the tacticals, you'd be fine sitting back and contributing when you can. Follow the group, wait until they attack and build your confidence slowly that way.

In the unlikely event you get a jackhole group member who runs his mouth, quit the group, wait out the timer, and get another...I promise that most are stress-less and fun

I'm glad you posted and I hope you take a chance!
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