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i read somewere that if you have SW,ARCH;and DIP

you get more light armor recipis and if you have UWT you get more meduim and if you have TH you get heavy armor recipies. can anyone veryfy this?
Diplomacy used to provide materials for light armor. They swapped luxury fabrics to UWT and moved spices to Diplomacy(renaming them medical supplies). This way classes other than JC/SI can make full use of Diplomacy.

Anyway, to make rare medium and heavy armor you need underworld metals. To make rare light armor you need luxury fabrics. Both of these are provided by Underworld Trading.

There is also a small chance an Underworld Trading mission will reward a crafting schematic for a customizable piece of armor. This can be for Armormech or Synthweaving, has empty slots, and mimics the appearance of armor you can otherwise only get from quest rewards. For instance, one of the first Armormech schematics is the leather jacket Smugglers wear at the start of the game. These items are lightly class limited by side, which led to problems with getting a lot of Sith only recipes in the previous beta.

You also have a chance of getting schematics for regular blue armor from Investigation missions. These are the rare armors from previous builds such as Vindicator Leggings, Overseer Body Armor, and so on. Most of these aren't customizable now which is a shame, since Avenger Leggings were some of the best looking Guardian pants.