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04.19.2014 , 05:30 PM | #54
the player housing from launch was the personal star ships, but they never let us customize them. I would not minded if they let us customize the personal star ships. I would have totally been happy with that, i would like to have -> A <- "house" to customize.

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Personally I think this Player Stronghold housing thing is complete bull krap and a waste of development resources.

We've had player housing since launch (our personal ships) whether anyone else admits it or not, and so there was never a need for these to be added. Despite the many people that clamored about wanting it cause they don't realize they have it already. Instead they could have turned the resources they put on this to developing ways to incorporate the Stronghold features and customization into our personal ships then had the same effect only better cause our ships can travel!

The only good thing coming out of the update in my opinion are the guild flagships.
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