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again, another clear example that BIOWARE has ZERO clue how to do PVP.

How the hell is someone just going to stealth out of the middle of a battle?! Either this effect should not happen in combat, or you need to be able to see them for 1-2 seconds after they stealth.

Pretty bad to try to open world pvp when a bunch of players can just stealth out of the battle and run away with no problems.

This just kinda ruins world pvp for me.

I mean if I am attacking someone in melee, and they insta-stealth, let me see them if they are next to me, or make their skill a 1-2 sec to activate so they cant just disappear while in the middle of a melee fight. Or give them 1/2 stealth for 1-3 seconds.

Very bad experience that my 1st open pvp world fight, ended with the dude just stealthing away in mid battle when I was winning. While invis he was able to easily go into his normal stealth and that was that. Very disappointing to say the least.

If he was winning I would have died, it is not like players lose anything on death, so why give so much advantage to an already good dps/tanking class.
I wouldn't have an issue with giving up my in combat stealth (disappearing act) if you replace it with a the knockback and sprint that SI's have. Currently as a smuggler healer, I have 4 "escape/save me" options (5 but one is broken).

Smuggler Survival Abilities (at level 28)

1. 4 second stun; single target; 4 meter range; 45 second cooldown
- 4 I going to get out of range of anything in 4

2. 8 second AoE Mez: breaks on any dmg; 10 meter range; 1:30 cooldown
- breaks on ANY and ALL damage...AoE spammers are the bane of this ability

3. 12 second duration snare (single target); 4 meter range; 12 second cooldown
- COOL! I have to get in melee range to use it so they can light saber my face!

4. Disappearing Act (in combat stealth); 3 minute cooldown
- 3 Minute cooldown is reasonable considering how easily people can see through stealth. Only DECENT ability we have for survival.

*5. Dodge (Broken- doesn't actually work) 3 Seconds of 100% dodge for melee/ranged attacks.

I would give ALL of it up for the SI sprint and SI knockback. (Not to mention SI's have spammable snare, stun, whirlwind, root, and bubble all by level 20.

How can you really complain about in combat stealth, you couldn't catch an SI if they didn't want you too...look at most huttball matches, they are near impossible to catch.
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