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04.19.2014 , 08:52 AM | #53
I always post my feed back on new patches, but you guys know here we go.....

*Just about everything!
*I really liked the new Hutt-Ball map! It's different & I think that is what counts. I'd like to see more Hutt-Ball maps in the future, however, I think we need at least one or two other kinds of PvP maps first (so the community doesn't toss a fit). Maybe an update to Arenas seeing as how they are the only ranked option?
*The story behind the new Flash Points is amazing!! This is the first time since the 1-50 story line that I've seen something impressive out of you guys in terms of story (aside from Makeb). KEEP THIS UP!
*I haven't been able to get the new GSF map to pop yet so I can't comment on it, but I cannot imagine it's any different than the others -- they are all same-y.

*You guys are teasing us about class story arc content, & if you're not going to put out drop it! No one likes a tease! After You finish the new FP story line you come to find two E-mails in your account, one for the FP & one that pertains to your class story line -- example. I am very disappointed that I haven't had any update at all about my class story (it's my favorite part of the game) aside from this little nugget....if this means you're bringing more class story that would be awesome...if not it just means you're being a jerk. This ambiguity is the only reason this patch is not perfect....

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