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I do not mean to offend you, OP, but seriously, why would someone else's name bother you?
It is highly annoying. It totally destroys the immersion if you see all these stupid names. It has been quite good on The Progenitor for a long time in my opinion, but nowadays the names I have to see e. g on the fleet are ridiculous to shameful. And it's not only that. A player who names his char like that also plays the same way he names his char: stupid, ridiculous, shameful. If you get such a char in your FP or PvP group, you know upfront that you lose.

I don't understand why these players chose a RP server in the first place. They don't do RP. They don't care. They are casuals at best. I would like a RP server policy, too. At least have a short intelligence test during character creation. Threshold may be IQ 60. It might rule out 70% of the newly created chars.