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04.19.2014 , 04:48 AM | #12
This was a hot topic in closed beta and then even hotter when we all found out the so called RP servers were just normal server rules with a unenforced designation of RP.

As pointed out earlier in thread.

EA/Bioware didnt give a bleep about RPers when the game was new and they had many many many more RPers sub'd.
Dont expect them to give a bleep now

Truth is the RP servers chats should have been monitored and at the minimum there should have been a naming policy in place.

I like to tell a story about how bad its gotten online by the d0oD crowd abusing RPers with in early retail I was on DK as my Agent and I simply said over general

"Remember all, we at Imperial Intelligence are always watching"

And I got lambasted with insults and even told to die for putting Role Play on general chat

That happened ON a so called RP Server

Always found it strange that a company (Bioware) that made its bones off the backs of RPers had such disdain and disregard for its RP community in this game.

But yeah, sadly even though this game holds great RP potential in the setting
I wouldn't hold my breath on EA ever doing anything to improve the potential for the player base.
In regards to lessening F2P and Preferred restrictions
In GAMING, as in LIFE,
You get what you pay for
No game restriction is so dire that $15.00/month will not eliminate it