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Sadly, it's not the biggest need of this game atm. I'm thrilled they're adding it, but with the dry spell of content we've suffered through since GSF was launched 3 updates in a row, I think the timing couldn't be worse. Add to that the fact that housing will also be spread out over 3 updates and it's no shock there are less and less players.

Housing could be great...but it wasn't worth adding at the expense of improving the things people DID play for (Ops, FPs, WZs).
Pretty much sums it up.

Quote: Originally Posted by DarthTHC View Post
Yeah, complete dearth of content. It's not like 2 new flashpoints and a new Huttball and a new GSF map just hit the game or anything.

EDIT: Think I forgot a NiM operation or something, too?
2.4 was good content, but since then we had 3 FPs with 128 rating when every broke kid is in a mix of 162/168 gear and WZ that sucks. If you are not into GSF, which by default is a completely different game, you are out of luck, and now they will invest the resources through the summer building barbie houses and guild ships, which are not bad features, but have offer nothing aside from role playing.

I subbed in the game originally for good class stories and stayed for PvP. Game is now offering neither, even PvE content is moving at a turtle rate. Four ops and 6 FPs is not a "whole" lot of end game content.

Trivia, I did not know you can post while unsubbed. I was logged into this computer while my sub was still active, and appernatly the forums still thinks you are a sub until you log-off.